'We will either find a way, or make one'
- Hannibal


We will either find a way, or make one
- Hannibal

This motto has been our guide and determined our action since 1985. For over 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing machines and devices for automation of technical processes. In 2009, Kooptech-Cinema was founded and it set a goal to invent and create a complete system for sanitization of 3D glasses used in cinemas for 3D movies projections.

3D glasses are not only a component necessary for viewing 3D movies, they are also a piece of personal use essential for quality of viewed content as well as person’s comfort. Utilizing our know-how and many years of experience we have created a unique, complete system which ensures effectiveness, low operating cost and most of all – safety and Customer’s satisfaction.

Reliability of our system is based on well thought and thoroughly tested solutions currently used by many of our Customers all over the world. We use only the best, reputable suppliers and production technology ensuring the highest product quality.

Our system passed all necessary tests, had been certified (cULus, CE) and is used by the biggest cinema chains and amusement parks in the world.

Installations of Kooptech System



A complete system for washing, drying, transportation and distribution of 3D glasses

Kooptech-Cinema proudly presents a complete system providing solutions for washing and drying of 3D glasses, transportation and distribution of 3D glasses among cinema’s patrons, as well as dedicated washing liquids. The system comprises of following items:

A unique machine designed to quickly and reliably wash and dry various types of 3D glasses.

UV-C Disinfection Box
A disinfection cabinet for fast and effective inactivation of a majority of viruses, bacteria and fungi from 3d glasses

A mean to safely and securely store 3D glasses during washing-drying operations as well as during transportation and distribution.

A movable Trolley that securely stores up to 12 baskets with 3D glasses.

A protective cover to prevent 3D glasses from falling out of baskets while washed and dried in Washer-Dryer.

Washing liquids
Dedicated Washing Detergent and Rinse Aid designed and tested for safe use with 3D glasses and effectively cleaning them in low temperature.

Water Softener
A water treatment unit essential for providing soft, clean water for washing process. Good water quality is necessary to achieve desired washing and drying effects.
kooptech system


  • Fast, reliable washing & drying, at low temperature
  • Duration of full cycle: washing + drying = approx. 4.5 min
  • More than 13 cycles per hour
  • 3D glasses are loaded into a Washer-Dryer in Kooptech® 3D glasses Baskets
  • Kooptech® Washer-Dryer can be used various types of 3D glasses
  • Various supply voltage options available
  • Certificates: CE and cULus
parameter Kooptech® WD 110/60 (US) Kooptech® WD 230/50 (EU)
weight 180kg (397lbs.) 180kg (397lbs.)
width 750mm (29.5") 750mm (29.5")
depth 1100mm (43.3") 1100mm (43.3")
height 11450mm (57.1") 11450mm (57.1")
nominal supply voltage* 3-phase 208 VAC (±10%), 60Hz 3-phase 400 VAC (±10%), 50Hz
connection power 8.9 kW 8.9 kW
actual power consumption 7.85 kWh 7.85 kWh
power connection 3-phase with grounding, installation fitted with a class K5 fuse (30A) or equivalent 3-phase with grounding, installation fitted with a class K5 fuse (30A) or equivalent
water inlet temperature cold water, max 15°C (59°F) cold water, max 15°C (59°F)
water hardness < 2°dH < 2°dH
water source efficiency min. 2500 l/h (660.4 gal./h) min. 2500 l/h (660.4 gal./h)
water source pressure min. 3.0 bar (43.5 psig) min. 3.0 bar (43.5 psig)
actual water consumption 13.5 l/cycle (3.6 gal./cycle) 13.5 l/cycle (3.6 gal./cycle)
water supply connection G3/4” female thread braided hose, length 100cm (3.3ft) G3/4” female thread braided hose, length 100cm (3.3ft)
main drain ø24mm (0.95”), elastic hose, length 150cm (4.9ft) ø24mm (0.95”), elastic hose, length 150cm (4.9ft)
emergency drain ø24mm (0.95”), elastic hose, length 150cm (4.9ft) ø24mm (0.95”), elastic hose, length 150cm (4.9ft)
washing detergent consumption 12 ml/cycle (0.4 oz./cycle) 12 ml/cycle (0.4 oz./cycle)
rinse aid consumption 6 ml/cycle (0.2 oz./cycle) 6 ml/cycle (0.2 oz./cycle)
ambient temperature min. 15°C (59°F) – max. 30°C (86°F) min. 15°C (59°F) – max. 30°C (86°F)
relative humidity max. 90%, no condensation max. 90%, no condensation
sound level LEQ < 70dB (A) LEQ < 70dB (A)

*Other supply voltage versions are available upon request

UV-C Disinfection Box

  • Fast and reliable Fast and reliable disinfection of 3d glasses from a majority of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Duration of disinfection cycle (approx. 2min) is matched with washing-drying cycle of Kooptech® Washer-Dryer
  • 2 baskets can be disinfected in a single cycle
  • Easy to use - can be operated without special training
  • Kooptech® UV-C Disinfection Box can be used various types of 3D glasses
  • Various supply voltage options available
  • Standard UV-C lamps can be easily replaced
parameter Kooptech® UV-C DB2
dimensions (W x H x D) 472mm x 570mm x 565 mm (18.6" x 22.5" x 22.3")
weight 20kg (44.1lbs.)
nominal supply voltage* 1-phase, 110 VAC or 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
connection power 150W
power connection cable length 2m (6.6ft) - without a plug**
cycle time 2 min
UV-C lamp life 9000 hrs

*Other supply voltage versions are available upon request

**Appropriate plug suitable for unit's voltage and power rating to be supplier by Customer

Baskets and Covers

  • Baskets are designed to safely hold 3D glasses in place during washing, drying, transportation and distribution
  • Basket design and capacity depends on the type of 3D glasses
  • Standardized dimensions allow for use of different Baskets with Kooptech® Washer-Dryer and Kooptech® Trolley
  • 12 baskets can be safely stored inside Kooptech® Trolley
  • Stainless steel, light and robust design ensures long life of each Basket
  • A dedicated Cover for 3D glasses Basket is used to hold 3D glasses in the Basket while it is being washed and dried in Kooptech® Washer-Dryer

  • Supported types of 3D glasses (if your 3D glasses are not listed below, please contact us directly):
    — Dolby 6P (Adult, Child)
    — Dolby 834 (Adult), Dolby 832 (Child)
    — IMAX 001 (DX2)
    — IMAX ADX (Adult, Child)
    — IMAX Next Gen (Adult, Child)
    — RealD
    — Xpand
    — Kraftwerk
    — Millvision
    — Volfoni Premium
    — Infitec Simplex, Infitec Simplex II
    — MasterImage
    — and others….

sample baskets


sample cover



  • Each Trolley stores up to 12 removable Baskets for 3D glasses*
  • Stainless steel, light, elegant and robust design
  • Omni-directional wheels providing good support and convenient transportation of the Trolley
  • Secured guides prevent Baskets from falling out from the Trolley while allowing easy removal of the Baskets when needed

Trolley without baskets

Trolley with sample baskets*

Trolley with sample baskets* and 3D glasses

parameter trrolley (no baskets) trrolley with 12 baskets*
weight 14kg (31lbs.) ~35kg (77lbs.)
width 470mm (18.5") 470mm (18.5")
depth 520mm (20.5") 520mm (20.5")
height 1530mm (60.2") 1530mm (60.2")

*baskets are ordered separately, 3D glasses are not a part of a Kooptech’s offer

Water softener

  • a compact water treatment unit providing soft water to the Washer-Dryer
  • equipped with a storage tank for already softened water
  • efficiency compatible with typical needs of the system
  • equipped with all necessary connections
water softener

washing liquids

  • Washing Detergent and Rinse Aid are designed specially for cleaning of 3D glasses
  • low temperature of activation of Washing Detergent – safe for 3D glasses, no need to use hot water
  • Rinse Aid enables efficient rinsing and removal of water during a drying phase of the cycle
  • no spots, water marks, streaks or stains are left on the washed products
  • both liquids – Washing Detergent and Rinse Aid – are safe for transportation
  • a set of Washing Detergent (10l) and Rinse Aid (5l) lasts for approx.. 830 cycles
wasing detergent


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