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Laser and lamp projectors

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a laser projector in cinema

Advantages of Laser Projectors vs. Lamp Projectors

Although image projectors are a technology mostly known from cinemas and open-air movie screenings, they have been making their way into other areas of people’s lives for many years now. Used for business presentations, school lectures and home cinemas, they are a staple if you need to show a particular film to a larger audience. However, as with every technology now, there are different ways to do so. Picking between laser and lamp projectors can be difficult, but most people seem to opt for the newer, laser option. What are the main advantages of laser projectors over their lamp counterparts?

What laser projectors do?

First and probably the most visible difference between laser and lamp projectors is that laser provides a wider range of colours and sharper contrast, which means that any detailed videos you play will not lose their quality. Moreover, laser projectors are a much newer addition to the projector market and as a top technological advancement in that field, they provide much higher brightness than lamp projectors – the brightness can reach over 20,000 lumens here, while lamps generate about 5,000. This comes especially handy in large conference rooms, lecture rooms or classrooms that are not dark enough. Also, if you work with a larger screen, laser projector will be necessary to make the picture actually visible.

Lasers are also a better idea for a home cinema. Although they are more expensive and may seem unnecessary since most rooms designated for a home cinema are dark, laser projector brings out more whites and bright colours which makes watching movies that much better. After all, who would want a dull movie that was supposed to be 4K?

Where lamp projectors can still be useful?

Remember the brightness of laser projectors? If you were to work in a small, dark room, you don’t need as many lumens to get a bright, clear image – lamp projectors will be enough here. Small classrooms and meeting rooms will be fine, as long as the projector is not constantly being switched on and off.

Remember – laser projectors have a longer life span and are easier in terms of maintenance - lamp projectors require regular lamp replacing and their filters need to be cleaned up regularly. Laser projectors have none of these problems, as they have neither lamps nor filters to contend with. All in all, if you don’t use your projector often and don’t mind regular clear-out, lamp projector will be just right. For often, better quality screenings, lasers are a must now.