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Christie - laser projectors used in cinemas - how they work

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An affordable and compact DCI-compliant laser phosphor cinema projector

Christie - laser projectors used in cinemas - how they work

Cinemas all around the world have been facing threats of losing customers for many years now, with newer and more advanced technology going into TV screens and at-home cinema systems. With more and more people able to afford them and their busy schedules at work, no wonder the attendance at regular cinemas has been dropping significantly. In order to bring people back, companies producing technology for them had to step up their game and bring new, much better solutions and provide quality, that you could never achieve at home. Projectors created by Christie in partnership with Dolby seem to be the way forward. How do they work and why are they the future of cinema?

Laser technology

First of all, no cinema that wants to expand its colour range and picture quality would use a lamp projector nowadays – the laser projector development has come such a long way and is so good, no wonder it is seen as future of cinematic world. They work better when it comes to the colour range, colour depth and are able to produce high quality pictures like you’ve never seen before. Furthermore, we have to mention 3D technology that seemed to be dying out, but now comes back with full force thanks to the quality laser projectors are able to produce. One of those excellent, best quality projectors would be the Christie CP4325-RGB, which delivers a premium quality to mainstream cinemas and standing strong against competitors such as the IMAX technology.

Why Christie cinema projectors are so good?

Featuring CineLife electronics, RealLaser illumination and great colour range, the compact Christie projectors are a great alternative to their much more expensive and bulkier competitors on the market. The projector offers a wide colour gamut, enhanced contrast ratio, and high frame rates compatibility, which means that even the most action-packed movies and slow-motion elements won’t look bad on the screen. By using top-shelf, pure RGB direct-emitting laser technology, the newest addition to the Christie projector family offers the most authentic image, imitating real life to the maximum. In addition to its high performance, Christie’s projector works well with small spaces, making it easy to compare the movies shown in smaller cinemas with the ones form the bigger ones. Providing reach colours, high contrast ratio and low maintenance costs, the Christie projector is the perfect example of where future of the cinemas should be going to

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