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The future of lasers

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a teenager using 3D glasses to watch movies in cinema

Why lasers are the future?

Laser projectors have taken over cinemas very quickly – the quality and depth of the picture they offer is way above the traditional lamp projectors. Now, they are slowly flooding the consumer market as well, offering a much expensive solution that for some seems to be unnecessary and maybe even dangerous. After all, they are lasers! We are here to show you why, despite higher initial costs, lasers are the future and why you should get one too.

Laser projectors – what do they actually offer?

If you have any sort of home cinema, you know that with large rooms even 70-inch TV screens can appear small and rather far from a true cinema experience. Sure, not everyone needs a 100+ inches screen at their house, but if you do, buying a TV that large is impossible and projectors are the only way. However, lamp projectors that we have been using for years now are not working that well with such a large screen, especially if you wish to watch a brand new movie where details and quality actually matter. Lasers, on the other hand, deal with it just fine.

One of the best advantages of laser projectors is their efficiency. While lamp projectors produce white light which then has to be appropriately filtered and sorted out, lasers start with the blue, red and green combination from the very start, using it to create every colour needed. This does not only create more depth and more vibrant colours, but also makes the process less energy consuming.

With less energy used up on selecting RGB from a white light, laser projectors allow for much more brightness without causing the projector itself to overheat and fail. Also, the brightness here doesn’t get compromised when you want to achieve a large colour range, which in turn translates into deep colour scale just as you would get when visiting a cinema.

General advantages of laser

With what we discussed here it’s not hard to grasp that lasers last longer than traditional lamp projectors, offering better quality and lifespan than their lamp counterparts. We haven’t mentioned it before, but with laser projectors, you don’t need to change any parts for many years of regular use. Adding an almost instant on/off option, which for lamp projectors was a great issue and little to no need for maintenance, it is no wonder lasers are considered to be the future not only for the commercial, cinematic market, but for our personal use as well.