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The future of 3D - Infitec's glasses

Infitec, 3D glasses and 6P - The Future of cinema

Bright and clear 3D image has been a challenge for all manufacturers that want to stay competitive on the cinematic market. With new ideas and demands popping up every day, it is hard for companies to keep up and answer to the market needs – sometimes we just simply need to wait for a new wave of technological development and for the manufacturers to be able to use it to their advantage. That’s how the story of 6P began and that’s how it will lead cinemas in the future.


Everyone with a basic knowledge of human anatomy and science knows, that our eyes have three primary light receptors responsible for perception of blue, red and green. These are also the colours that mixed together can give you every other colour on the planet. The “6P” discussed here refers to six “primaries”, which would mean six primary colours. But… there are only three primary colours! The 6, used instead of 3, is connected to the new technology of cinema projection that uses six different wavelengths, two each in the blue, green and red range of the visible light spectrum. This technique is nothing new in the cinematic world as INFITEC has been based on this for over ten years. However, 6P is still considered to be the future of cinema. Why?


What is special with 6P is the fact that these wavelengths are produced using lasers. Projectors that are compatible with INFITEC 3D technologies are equipped with six different wavelength lasers, three for the left and right image, respectively. Laser projectors are much more durable than the lamp ones and since using the 6P method, which increases colour depth and the quality of the image, there’s no wonder they are being used in more and more cinemas around the world. As lasers produce always exactly one wavelength, with proper combination they allow you to achieve any colour and light you might need. This is also the reason why laser projectors are much brighter, even with 3D content, which is known to be of much lower quality than traditional movies.

What about 3D glasses? Infitec has them in store, ready to work perfectly with the Infited 3D technology and ready to give you the best 3D experience you ever had. 6P is the way forward and 3D cinemas are the future of all movies.