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3D glasses cleaning process

How to clean 3D glasses?

Cleaning and taking good care of your 3D glasses is one of the most important ways of making sure you can actually enjoy watching a 3D movie, either at cinema or from your own couch at home. As any glasses-wearer would tell you, even the smallest scratch, stain or dust can get very annoying and distort the image you are seeing. With 3D glasses it’s even worse as most of the passive ones rely on perfectly clear lenses and their ability to react to the right polarization of the projection. So how to clean 3D glasses, both active and passive, to get the best viewing experience?


Before you start cleaning your 3D glasses, you need to know the exact kind of glasses you have, as passive glasses need different care than active ones. Passive 3D glasses are the ones you would get when visiting most cinemas – they work by showing each eye a different image simultaneously, an effect achieved by projecting the movie in two different polarizations. Those glasses are usually cheap, the lenses are made out of soft plastic and cleaning them is not that difficult (if something goes wrong, you can always pick up another pair).

Active glasses are where the technology of 3D screenings is really at. They have lots of moving and electronic parts and contrary to the passive glasses, they are actually a high-tech device and not a cheap gadget. They work by actually blocking out one of the lenses at a time and showing images to one eye only, and they do it so rapidly that human eye sees it as it was a constant image to both eyes. Breaking them would be costly. So how should you clean them?


First of all, it is worth reminding that just like any other gadget, 3D glasses need regular maintenance. As for the passive glasses, you simply wipe the lenses with aa soft cloth or use a traditional glasses cleaner if needed. As mentioned before, the lenses are made out of soft plastic, so they're unlikely to shatter. Still, if you don’t want to spend extra money on buying a new pair, store your 3D glasses somewhere safe. Active glasses are a completely different story when it comes to cleaning them. First of all, they need charging since, as we mentioned, they are a tech device and not just a piece of plastic. They also need to be compatible with your TV or projector, so manufacturers may actually need you to regularly update their software! As for the cleaning itself, it needs to be done carefully. Use a soft cloth and glasses cleaner to clean, and do it one side at a time – don’t let water get into the device!