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Barco laser projector

Barco laser projectors for cinemas

Barco is one of the leading companies in the cinematic world – with their projectors being both user- and cost-friendly, but great quality at the same time, there is no wonder that both big and smaller cinemas decide to use Barco laser projectors to their advantage. What are some of the best in their offer right now and why have they gained so much respect and popularity?

Flagship laser cinema projectors – a solution for the big screens

The most recognisable and respectable of them all, the Flagship projectors are the pinnacle of cinema projection technology and they provide quality that everyone should be able to experience. Delivering great brightness for both 2D and 3D pictures, high contrast and great colour depth, they are certainly what cinemas should look for in a laser projector.

One of the best examples in that category is the DP4K-60L laser cinema projector, which brings great brightness levels paired with vivid colours and increased contrast ratio for a maximum viewing pleasure. The projector is capable of producing 4K content at 60 frames per second in 2D and perfect 4K movies in 3D as well! And the best part of it all? It’s not complex to use or integrate into the system previously used by the cinema and it saves a lot of money – it consumes around 40% less power than traditional xenon projectors.

Smart laser cinema projectors – affordable solution, best quality

It’s not the big cinemas that have the problem with switching to high quality images – it’s the small ones that can’t afford or fit a huge projector into their screening room. Luckily, with the Smart Laser projectors from Barco, they don’t need to worry anymore. The SLP series, in particular, is an entry-level laser projector range that was designed for the smaller movie screens. Offering a great 2K resolution, 7,000 lumens brightness and great contrast on both white and silver screens, those projectors are top shelf quality at a significantly low ownership cost. Eliminating all lamp-related costs and offering a long lifespan, this projector will not only bring your cinema the quality for 2D and 3D projections now, but it will also be valuable after couple years of use, with no need to switch to newer technology. And what is great about it is the unique cooling system developed by Barco which enables the projector to work at a constant high brightness for about 30,000 hours!

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