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people in 3D glasses watching a movie in a cinema

3D glasses phenomenon in cinemas, IMAX and Dolby systems

3D movie projections aren’t a novelty anymore – go to any cinema in the world and good chances are you will be able to see a 3D movie without any problems. Although it may seem that the golden age for movies like Avatar are long gone, there are still many fans of the 3D experience, which means the technology has a pretty bright future ahead. 3D movies are now one of many attractions in most theme parks, as well as museum and sometimes they are even used for educational or marketing purposes.

There is one feature that we are still missing about the 3D phenomenon and that is, obviously, the need for those funky polarized 3D glasses, also known as stereoscopic glasses. They are one of the inherent feature of the technology. Sadly, many places that do offer 3D movie projections forget, that the 3D glasses are not just a minute piece of additional equipment – for the viewer, they are in fact the most important element of the whole experience. The viewer, who should be considered the most important person in the cinema, does not see all the Barco, Christie, or NEC projectors, Dolby or Doremi servers, or any other tech for that matter. What they see are the glasses that they got at the cinema or the theme park and the picture that can be seen through them. The viewers are expecting exceptional results – after all, they have paid for it and now have the right to the highest level of quality and security possible.

As any other utility element, the 3D glasses require proper maintenance for at least three reasons:

1. First of all, because there is the need to keep the optics clear – in order for glasses to work properly and do their best, the lenses need to be clean and free of any spots, stains and scratch marks. Anyone who has ever used prescription glasses or any sunglasses for that matter knows exactly what we mean by saying that glasses are like a window through which you can see the world. Quality of the picture you are seeing through the window might be unsatisfactory, to say the least, if the window itself is not clean.

2. Second of all, the 3D glasses are for the viewer an element of personal use. After each use, the glasses should be professionally cleaned and dried so that there is no bacteriological threat to other people that will use them afterwards.

3. Last, but certainly not least – a cinema, a theme park, or any place that offers 3D showings and consequently distributes 3D glasses to their customers, is responsible not only for the safety of those people, but for the quality of their experience as well. This is a service that they willingly agreed to pay for and for that, it should be of top quality.

Let’s not forget the marketing aspect of the whole 3D experience. Quality of service offered by the cinema is usually the one criterion that determines which cinema will be chosen by the viewer as their go-to. That particular aspect may not be as visible in theme parks and museums, but it is still important to get the most of what you are paying for. The three aforementioned reasons are enough to say that proper maintenance of 3D glasses is a highly important aspect that is, sadly, often unrecognised by those responsible for it.